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Health tip 1 : Combine detox with slimming


This is the first post under my new slogan ‘Prevention is the Best Cure’.  You find tons of information on the internet about detox.  It’s clear to most of us that the food we eat, the water we drink, the environment we live in, becomes more and more toxic.  Even cosmetics, cleaning products, deodorizers, paints, carpets, sunscreens, and lots of consumer products contain various toxic chemicals.  Even the medication we take is almost without exception containing toxins  which accumulate in our body.  These toxins make our body acidic, they can damage our DNA, create inflammation and cause havoc to our body in multiple ways.  To be short : they are BAD NEWS!  All together there are currently more then 50.000 ‘man-made’ toxic chemicals.  The last 5 decades our exposure to this deadly cocktail has skyrocketed and our body is not capable anymore to get rid of all these toxins.

There are many therapists that advocate to detoxify the body, or certain organs, every so many months or according a certain schedule.  Yet it is my conviction that it’s better to detoxify the body on a daily basis.  If you only detoxify your liver every 6 months then you let the harmful toxins accumulate which I don’t think is a good idea.  The current recipe of ginger and lemon is a very simple and effective way to cleanse the body on a weekly or even daily basis.  You drink this ‘tea’ at room temperature and preferably in the morning 15-20 minutes before breakfast.  If you want to sweeten the taste you can add some bio-honey which acts as a natural antibiotic and contains an abundance of micro-nutrients.  This simple routine alone can make a massive difference for your health.   Check out this 5 minute relaxing video to see how simple it is to make this ‘tea’ that not only will get rid of a lot of this toxic stuff but will actually help you to burn fat and lose weight !  Ginger-lemon tea

You can also add other healthy detox habits and combine them with this morning routine.  I personally drink nettle tea on a regular base but you can also drink beetroot juice or add a detox food supplement to your ‘diet’ such as chlorella or spirulina which are both excellent chelators of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and so on.

Take a decision today to start detoxifying.  Your body deserves it.

And remember : Bbalanced & Live with Passion

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We are Energy

An important topic I need to address is the fact that we are energetic beings.  Modern medicine has degraded our body to pure matter and by doing so they limit their ‘healing capacity’.  Matter is on the lowest scale and even in his time Einstein understood this when he stated : ‘Its the field that governs the universe’.  As energetic beings most of the processes in our body are carried out through electrical signals and through light pulses (known as bio fotons).  Our body has an electromagnetic field and thus we are polar beings, just as the earth is polar out of which energy we evolved as living beings.  Real healing goes far beyond the reductionism applied by regular medicine (the chemical pill).  There is a strong link between our thoughts, beliefs and the energy we emanate. This energy (aura) interferes with other energy fields as it is also influenced by electromagnetic fields of other external sources.  Even our DNA can be affected by external sources of these ELF of which the most destructive are microwaves.   But also magnetic fields from our mobile phones and other popular electronic devices can harm our body.  They are invisible yet can have a detrimental affect on our health in the long term.  It is very difficult to shield us from those fields, yet there are new technologies under development to protect us from their influence.

I love the image below as it shows how your personal energy field can be influenced either in a positive or negative way.   I hope all of you tend towards the left hand side where you find everything which can enrich your soul and body and protect you from disease.                                                                             Stay healthy  & Live with passion



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Modern Lifestyle Kills

I’m finalizing my book about the link between lifestyle and cancer.  But the book is also covering the flaws of modern medicine and their inability to come up with solutions that really cure.  In this book I cover the causes of cancer and I give health tips for each of them.  I’m not a therapist but I give free health advise to anybody who has cancer or wants to prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases.  This advise is free.  coverfinal05032017

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