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My Story


My Story

As a young man I have seen my father and mother work very hard to pay for my education and to give me the chance to develop my talents. At that time I wanted to become a professional tennis player but my father rejected that idea because he wanted me to become an engineer just like him. My second choice was to become a psychologist but again that choice did not carry the approval of my parents.  Finally I proposed them to become an architect because one of my good friends said it was a ‘fun’ education and I felt like I was creative enough to succeed.

Unlike my parents I had a strong drive towards financial independence which I thought would then provide me the freedom I was chasing since I was a young man. I disapproved of the modern slavery which I linked to a standard job and that was the reason that I decided to become an entrepreneur.

With an old computer, a fax of my father and 500 euro on my account I started up my own business. At that time I had no experience so I started educating myself and in the next 5 years I spent a massive amount of time on self-development. I attended motivational seminars, red books about time management, goal setting, communication and so on. In the following years I developed various projects from scratch and set up different companies that were based on my own creative ideas and inventions. 10 years later my income levels were high enough to live a luxury live without any financial worries. But even though I was making a lot of money I never had a lot of time to enjoy my achievements as I found myself locked up in my office answering mails and solving problems from early mornings to late evenings.

From 2015 on things started spinning in the wrong direction. The euro crisis costed my import business tons of money and during that same period I lost a few big customers as well as a passive income stream of € 10.000 per month. On top of that I made some bad investments which dramatically reduced my cash flaw. The final blow came when a few containers of damaged products were delivered to my biggest customer which ended our business relationship that had lasted 15 years. This was another loss which dramatically reduced my monthly income.

That day, I still see myself sitting behind my computer with my head in my hands thinking by myself how I would survive this and how I would keep paying the bills. It feels terrible when you seem to lose everything you worked for during a big part of your life.

That day I knew something had to chance if I wanted to reach my goal of becoming financially independent. I dug deep inside myself to find out what value I could offer to this world and what I was really passionate enough about to find the much needed energy to reboot my life in a new direction.

I had to reinvent myself and I looked at all the knowledge and experience I had acquired over the last 35 years. I reflected back on my knowledge about self development,goal setting, communication, entrepreneurship, branding, inventions, direct sales, and how this could help other people who wanted to accomplish more in their lives but lacked my knowledge and experience. I also reflected back on the 15 years of health research I conducted, mostly in my free time, and about the book I was about to finalize which carries the title :’Modern Lifestyle Kills’.  I had acquired a broad knowledge about food supplements, anti aging, body regeneration, muscle strengthening and so on!  I had so much experience and insights to share with this world that suddenly an old dream came back to live : to become a Lifestyle coach, help people improve the quality of their live and to show and teach them how realize their full potential.

And as I reflect back I remember the joy it gave me when I helped a woman to cure herself from breast cancer and what her gratitude meant to me. These are the moments in my life I embrace most of all.  I now feel that it gives me more joy and fulfillment to help people reach the top then if I would have realized my initial dream of becoming a professional tennis player myself.

So now it is my goal to prevent people from ‘dying with their music still inside of them’. My mind & body coaching is targeted to change habits, negative believe systems, improve health and performance at any level. My Escape from Orbit program is both adapted to improve the performance of a top sportsmen as to helping an individual to stop smoking, reduce stress levels, or change an unhealthy lifestyle. Whatever you see as a challenge in your life or whatever the crisis go through, you should consider and believe that there are solutions available for you NOW.

And remember: ‘The lower you fall, the higher you bounce’ !

That’s my story and that’s what I stand for. So feel free to connect with me and to discover how the real challenges in your life can be solved and how my Elevation Model can enhance the overall quality of your life.

And as always : Stay balanced and live with passion

Johan Cools 
Mind & Body Coach